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Stauffer Woodworking

Thanks again for visiting!

Our projects are hand-made by a skilled and dedicated team of nimble Vermont makers who carry, craft, and care for each piece. They are the heart of what we deliver and the key to our success.


We were founded in 2000 by Eyrich Stauffer who began his path as a craftsperson with a woodworking class in college. That spark led to a range of jobs from making clocks and jewelry boxes to rough framing, cabinetry, and finish carpentry. Those experiences were enhanced with formal training at Maine’s Center for Furniture Craftsmanship and at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont.  He has since returned to teach at both of those schools as well as at Sterling College and Norwich University. 

We hope you find inspiration and beauty in the sampling of our work shown on the site.  We have sincerely appreciated the opportunity to create it and and always look forward to our next project.  Please reach out with questions or for more information about working together.

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