• The pros at Stauffer Woodworking were great to work with and delivered a beautiful product. Our kitchen cabinets amaze everyone who walks in the room! We love the way the grains of the wood line up perfectly, the one-of-a-kind details in the glass and doors, and the stroage spaces that were completely customized to our needs. Eyrich's design is truly art, yet functions far better than anything off the shelf. He also met every deadline and came well within budget. We can't recommend him highly enough.

    –Amy Willis and Scott Hess
  • “Stauffer Woodworking does it right.  They are skilled designers, fabricators and collaborators. I can’t wait for our next project together!”

    Alan Metcalfe, AIA LEED AP | Principal 
    Metcalfe Architecture & Design, Philadelphia

  • I was the project manager for the City of Scranton for the universally accessible tree house project in Nay Aug Park. From that experience, I can truly say that working with Eyrich Stauffer is a remarkable experience. As someone who appreciates wood and woodworking, I was attuned to the fact that our municipal treehouse project was receiving the attention to detail of a piece of fine furniture, but on a grand scale. Better still, that attention to detail did not come at a cost.  Eyrich was always willing to consider a new design idea or roll with the inevitable problems as the organic process of a design/build project unfolded. Eyrich was the lead designer and builder but worked with other professionals on the project in a seamless fashion such that neither schedules nor budgets were blown.  

    The overall experience was so gratifying, and the end result so stunning, that I’ve been trying to come up with other reasons to work with Stauffer Woodworking.  You will experience, I’m sure, what I did: the optimal blend of artist and craftsman.

    –Rob Farrell, University of Scranton
  • We have worked and entertained in our kitchen for the last month.    Your ideas really made it a Wow! kitchen and gave us the much needed storage and workspace we wanted.  You and your crew were very easy to work with and with everyone's input the final outcome is beautiful.  Everyone that has seen it is astonished at the fine work that you and your crew provided.  We are indeed very satisfied customers.  Thanks for a job well done.

    –Vince and Diana Gauthier
  • It was a pleasure to work with Stauffer Woodworking and their crew of very talented carpenters and woodworkers.

    The most important thing for me was they were very patient and listened to what we wanted and then took the time and extra steps to give us a farmhouse kitchen that fitted our objective of 'rustic elegance'.  On top of that, the initial work was done on time and within the price estimate range. 

    We were starting from scratch - having totally gutted our old house.  Eyrich did a full scale 'mock-up' of our kitchen using cardboard to see how things would work out. . . where would the stove and fridge go, counters and breakfast bar… It was really good to see how the workflow would lay out.  Then they put together some samples of cabinet faces and finishes so we could choose the one we liked and that that best fit our home.

    We highly recommend Stauffer Woodworking and have since hired them to make us kitchen stools and to finish other critical trim work in our home.   

    –Jan and Wayne Ohlsson
  •  When my kids and I decided to look at tree house ideas we were introduced to Eyrich, whose creativity turned our tree house into something truly fun, unique and amazing.  Though the kids accused my husband and I of co-opting their space for our adult dinners and cocktails, Stauffer Woodworking made sure to give them a very special sleeping/clubhouse loft and secret hatch door!  The crew was equally conscious of the health of the trees and the structure, considering location, connections and roots systems to create a truly sustainable system.

    They were able to engineer a quite amazing structure, and were just as skilled in making it a reality. Not only are they clearly very competent and efficient craftsman but the team worked well together and was happy in their work.  We talked openly about budget considerations and were able to modify the concept -- and not sacrifice any of its beauty -- to keep costs down. The project came in exactly on budget -- a first for me, having worked with many contractors with much less complicated projects on their plates.

    It has been a pleasure and I look forward to our next project!

    –Eve Silverman
  • Stauffer Woodworking was excellent to work with.  Eyrich has a keen sense of aesthetic and efficiency.  We were very ambitious in both the scope and the timing of our project.  Eyrich, and his crew, were very professional, clean, prompt and efficient.  They took our dream, expanded on it, and turned it into a reality.  They patiently took every curveball, and knocked it out of the park.  Eyrich was able to coordinate with all subcontractors, and inspectors, to work together to achieve our goal.  We will use Stauffer Woodworking for all of our current, and future projects.

    –Scott Kerner, Owner, Three Penny Taproom
  • The first thing that was evident with Stauffer Woodworking was their ability to listen and quickly grasp what we were hoping to accomplish. We weren’t planning to just build a tree house but create an experience above and beyond any expectation. Here are just a few thoughts and examples of what makes Eyrich and his crew stand out as an exceptional woodworkers and contractors.

    Their continuous attention to providing good customer service throughout the entire project was always foremost.

    Eyrich kept me informed with all aspects of the process. Something as simple as quickly returning my calls and emails told me again I was not just another client but his attention to customer service was high on his list. He would immediately address questions or concerns even though my questions were many but my concerns were few.  He would periodically check with me throughout the project to make sure he and his team were meeting our expectations.

    Before the project started, a detailed spreadsheet estimating the budget including all materials and hours was laid out and every two weeks there was a progress report showing where we were in relationship to the original budget and timeline of the project.   And they finished the project on time and below the original budget!

    His knowledge of construction, attention to details and creative thinking was obvious when discussing the project. He would take our ideas and expand on them. He not only made sure we were both on the same page with every aspect of the project but also helped us think outside and beyond our original ideas.

    The workmanship and detail on the treehouse is also first rate. Each one of the crew was professional and shared the same work philosophy and excellent customer service. Each crewmember had their own strengths, which were used to create something special with the tree house. They all worked together very well and helped each other with one goal in mind. We could tell each one enjoyed their work.

    Needless to say we are very impressed with Stauffer Woodworking. In fact we have already hired them again for a total kitchen renovation.

    –Greg Trulson, Owner, Moose Meadow Lodge
  • We are delighted with our "dream come true" tree house.  We wanted something that looked like elves had built it in the woods, and it does.   It was a pleasure to work with Stauffer Woodworking, fine designers and craftsman who delivered on time and on budget.  Architecture as art!  The tree house gets a lot of use in the summer and brings much pleasure to our family, friends and neighbors.

    –Rosalee Sprout and Bud Ames
  • I approached Eyrich at Stauffer Woodworking to redesign, mill and construct our kitchen due to his integrity, design capability and attention to detail — he is a craftsman, not just a woodworker. From start to finish Eyrich included us in a seamless interactive process designing and then fitting the kitchen, where more clarity was required or options were available to us we would work together in a collaborative process to make effective decisions. Our kitchen is the center of our home and we enjoy it every day. Thankyou.

    –Kitchen Client, Waitsfield VT
  • I have enjoyed working with Stauffer Woodworking on a number of projects for my home, including a dining room table, kitchen cabinets, and a platform bed. In each case I was impressed not only by the quality of the final product but also the design process where I was able to describe my vision of what I wanted, then work through a couple of design iterations, and end up with a final product would be totally customized to my needs. Eyrich is a good communicator, and is able to deliver on time and on budget, and has a keen eye for quality craftsmanship. I often recommend him to my friends and colleagues. 

    –Kate Stephenson, Executive Director, Yestermorrow Design / Build School
  • Partnering with Stauffer Woodworking has provided our company with valuable expertise in designing and constructing timber structures.  Quality professionals with an appreciation for natural aesthetics, they have enabled our trail projects to attain a higher standard.

    –Josh Ryan, Owner, Timber & Stone LLC.