Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation, RS Khandpur, TMH Publishing Company Ltd. New Delhi, 2. 08.606 (Elective – II) ( c ) Software Engineering, : This area attempts at making learners withstand the competition at the. web languages-HTML ,XML, internetworking concepts, network devices- basic principles of router, bridge, switch, network security- Firewall. The question paper will consist of two parts (A and B). Compensation design: Realization of basic compensators-Design of compensator using bode plot. H. Bishop, “Modern Control Systems”, Pearson Education, New Delhi – 11. Basic ideas of harmonic oscillations – Differential equation of a SHM and its solution. (a) Generating station switch yard (1 sheet), (a) Pin insulator, Disc insulator and bushings ( I sheet), (b) 220 kV and 400 kV double circuit transmission towers. digital controllers. %�쏢 7. 2.Martand Telsang, Industrial engineering and Production management, S Chand &CO Ltd. 3. control –volt/Hertz operation – voltage source inverter drives. 2.. Timothy J.Ross, “Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications”, McGraw-Hill, 1997. Conductors and dielectrics - current and current density - continuity of current -conductor properties and, boundary conditions - method of images - boundary conditions for perfect dielectric materials. Principle of digital storage oscilloscope - block schematic, sampling and storage. N. Deepa “Introduction to Neural Networks using MATLAB”, TMH, 2006. Rangan C.S., Sarma G.R., and Mani V.S.V., ", The question paper will consist of two parts. :-Rank of a matrix- Elementary transformations- Equivalent matrices- Inverse of a matrix by gauss-, method- Echelon form and normal form- Linear dependence and independence of vectors- Consistency-, Solution of a system linear equations-Non homogeneous and homogeneous equations- Eigen values and eigen, vectors – Properties of eigen values and eigen vectors- Cayley Hamilton theorem(no proof)- Diagonalisation-, Quadratic forms- Reduction to canonical forms-Nature of quadratic forms-Definiteness,rank,signature and. Energy in wave motion. BCD to decimal decoder and BCD to 7 segment decoder and display, 10. Overview of micro electro mechanical devices and technologies. Feedback Control and Feedback Stabilisation- Analysis of feedback systems- Circle Criterion - Popov, Criterion– Concepts of Inverse control-Feedback linearization-Model predictive control-Simultaneous Feedback, control- Design via linearization- stabilization - regulation via intgral control- gain scheduling - Exact Feedback, Linearization - Input state linearization - input output linearization - state feedback control - stabilization -, 2. turbines - Design and selection considerations. The candidate has to answer one, No charts, tables, codes are permitted in the Examination hall if necessary relevant data is given along with the. Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) - Principles - Methods of power generations - Heat exchangers -. 3. output equation - core design - window area - window space factor - overall dimensions of core. Sequential logic circuits: Flip flops - SR, clocked SR, D, JK, master slave and T flip flops - level and edge, triggering - conversion of one type of flip flop into another, Shift registers - SISO, SIPO, PIPO and PISO shift. 5. Mechanical features of transmission lines – sag - sag template. Construction of a general orthonormal. 9. .Engineering-Core Challenges of Eco ,Responsible Engineering-Eco, Intellectual Property Law Fundamentals - Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, Trade, Secrets, Nondisclosure Agreements, Employment Contracts and IP Ownership, Tip Sheet: Inbound and, Outbound, How to Protect Your IP in Emerging Markets, Back to Patent Protection: The Good, the Bad, and the. Singh, K.B. Nagarath I J and Kothari D P, Electrical Machines, Tata Mc-Graw Hill. Insulation co- ordination of EHV system. 6. Fundamentals of gaseous ionization and plasma electronics: Essam Nassar, Wiley Series. 1. 3. Decision making – if and switch case. Gaonkar : Microprocessor, Architecture, Programming and Applications, Wiley Eastern Ltd. New. James Peter, W Pedrycz, “Software Engineering”, John Wiley & Sons. Cyril.W.Lander, “Power Electronics”, McGraw – Hill. gaps - high frequency and impulse voltage measurements with CRO using resistance and capacitance dividers. 2. Click Here: 27.09.2018 05:35 PM: The 5-day GIAN course of the Dept of Geology, University of Kerala is from 3 - 7 Dec 2018. Serial communication- transmission format. Linear time-invariant systems: convolution. Circuits to control a lamp from two independent positions, Testing of circuits - testing of ON/OFF conditions using a tester, test lamp, and location of phase and, Study of analog and digital multimeters and other electronic meters. Fermi, Einstein’s coefficients. Non Industrial applications- robots in medicine, Evolution of instrumentation and control, Role of automation in industries, Benefits of automation, basic. Students should read the book on their own and selected topics may be discussed in the. MAZIDI,“ The 8051 Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems”, Pearson Education Asia, 2. shall contain 10 compulsory questions of 4 marks each. Renewable and novel energy sources - S.L. 3. Capacitance -. Renewable energy resources - John W. Twidell and Anthony D. Weir, English Language Book Society, 2. Dspace at cochin university: b. *Design of the triggering circuit is part of the experiment, Note: According to the facility available in the laboratory a minimum of 15 experiments should be. Design of distribution systems with light power and motor loads. Speed control - stator voltage control – V/f control, Cascaded Control - rotor resistance control. Design of synchronous machines - specific loading - output equation - main dimensions - types of winding -, number of turns - number of slots and slot design - field design for water wheel and turbo alternators - cooling, Design of three phase induction motors - main dimensions - stator design - squirrel cage and slip ring types -, number of stator and rotor slots - rotor bar current - design of rotor bar - end ring current - design of end ring -, Introduction to computer aided design. 6. installations. Part II is to cover 3 modules. 08. Addressing-Establishing a connection, Releasing a connection. -Super conducting and conducting organic materials like Polyaniline. Miller, John Wiley 1982. Computer stimulation – superposition of waves. (ii) University Question paper will contain one hardware and one software question for the exam. 2. packing factor with reference to simple cubic, body centered cubic and face centered cubic crystals. Design and testing of monostable and astable multivibrators using ICs. Steady magnetic field - Biot-Savart's law - Amperes circuital law - Curl-Stokes theorem - magnetic flux and flux, density - scalar and vector magnetic potentials. Syllabus. Linear regulator problem . Study of CRO for the measurements of voltage, phase angle., frequency etc. Application based on 8051 microcontroller. Binary to BCD conversion and vice versa. This blog contain B TECH ENGINEERING SYLLABUS based on 2008 SCHEME. 1. Job application and resume. Part – A is to be compulsory for 40 marks (10, questions of 4 marks each). Working capital- factors affecting working capital- working capital cycle. Interrupt controller INTEL. I/O - devices - device controllers - principles of I/O software - I/O software layers - Disks - formatting, disk arm. (SOP) and product of sums (POS) expression - Minimization of Boolean functions by Boolean algebra. 7. N.K De, P.K.Sen “Eletrical drives” Printice Hall of India 2002. 6. Building Information Systems. Realization of logic functions using multiplexers and decoders. Gupta, Vandana Singhal, fundamentals of Electric Machines, New Age International. One Stage filtering - Approximation and Details -Filter bank analysis. Advanced computer architecture - Organisation of multi-user computer system. �Z��. thermocouples - associated signal conditioning circuits. 14. a)Realisation of four bit serial IN serial OUT registers using flip flops. Brian D.O. Logical instructions- sorting of arrays in ascending and descending order. 2) Functional grammar, with special focus on Common Errors in English. Introduction to architecture design, process flow, fabrication, packaging and testing. 2. (5 hrs). Synchronous induction motor - V-curves and predetermination of field current, 13. Nov 6. Philips and Nagle, Digital control system analysis and design, Prentice Hall, 1984. IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies- Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management. Herbert Taub and Donald L. Schilling, "Principles of communication systems", McGraw Hill. 2.Veinott&Martin,’Fractional & Subfractional hp Electric Motors’.McGraw Hill International. Approved data and reference manuals (to be permitted to use in the exam hall). Area enclosed by plane. Methods of bulk generation of electric power. Kalsi H S, Electronic Instrumentation, Tata McGraw Hill, 7. Interfacing of LEDs, ADC and DACs. State feed back design via pole, Sampled data control system . Read Book B Tech Question Papers Kerala University 2008 Schemeof all the years. 6. 1 Peterson and Davie, “Computer networks", Harcourt India Pvt. John F Wakerly, "Digital Design, Principles and Practices", 3. Factors causing bias instability. - General principles- High performance liquid chromatography- Gas chromatography. Regulation of alternator by direct loading - Effect of prime mover speed and Generator Excitation. Aggarwal & Yogesh Singh, “Software Engineering”, New Age International, 3. C.L. 5. scheme and syllabus 2008 scheme''KTU BTECH SYLLABUS FOR ECE KTU EDU June 9th, 2018 - KTU BTECH SYLLABUS FOR ECE S5 S6 S7 S8 Kerala technological university had published the full syllabus of electronics and c''B TECH MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FROM UNIVERSITY OF KERALA JUNE 14TH, 2018 - B TECH MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FROM UNIVERSITY OF KERALA COURSE DETAILS SYLLABUS … Directions. 3 William Stalling, "Data and Computer Communication". V/f Control of Three phase Induction motor (optional). Robert Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky: "Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory", 8. Rangan CS, Sarma GR, Mani VSV, Instrumentation Devices and Systems, Tata McGraw Hill, New, lonisation and decay process-ionisation by electron collision, Townsend's first ionization, coefficient, photo-ionisation, ionisation by metastables, electron detachment, decay by recombination, decay by, Photo electric emission, electron emission by positive ions and excited atom impact, field. �y�_m��r�2?�/"K�za�i�Y}�Y�6��1�0:��s�M�A��1 f'9��gj��h��s�CM����$vڜ]�'�46g+KG�d��m5�J��se4���M��mV William H. Hayt, Jr., “Engineering electro-magnetics”, Tata McGraw Hill Edn. Population inversion and stimulated emission. Simulation of Hysteresis Loop on the CRO. detection - image fusion - medical applications. *UJT trigger circuit for single phase controlled rectifier. G.L.Kusic, Computer Aided Power System Analysis, PHI, 1989, 2. random processing of files. Part I is to cover the entire syllabus, and carries 40 marks. 15. Biological and environmental aspects in EHV and UHV line design. Properties of DTFT, response of Discrete time LTI systems. 6. Biomedical Electronics and Instrumentation, S K Venkata Ram, Galgotia Publishing, New Delhi. Performance tests on Impulse and Reaction turbines. Ltd. 3. Robert F. Coughlin & Fredrick F. Driscoll, "Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuits", 6, 2. Simulation of AGC for single area and two area systems using SIMULINK. Inductance of a co-axial cable - torroidal coil. has to be answered from Module II. (Resister, Capacitor, Diode, Zener, Soldering practice – Soldering of circuits (Half wave and Full wave Rectifiers with and without RC, filter circuits - Zener Voltage regulator), For University examination, the following guidelines should be followed regarding award of marks, (a) Wiring diagram / Circuit diagram - 30%, 08.308 ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC WORKSHOPS (E), 08.401 Engineering Mathematics III 3 1 - 50 3 100 4, 08.403 Engineering Electro-magnetics 2 1 - 50 3 100 3, 08.404 Electrical Measurements I 2 1 - 50 3 100 3, 08.405 Engineering Material Science 2 1 - 50 3 100 3, 08.406 Power System Engineering I 2 2 - 50 3 100 4, 08.407 Electronic Circuits Lab 0 0 4 50 3 100 4, 08.408 Electrical Machines Lab 0 0 4 50 3 100 4, : Limits ,continuity and differentiation of complex functions. Instrument transformers: Need of instrument transformers. Andrew P. Sage, Optimum Systems Control, Prentice Hall,1977. 3. operations, File system implementation - implementing files - file system layout - implementing directories . In that case it is better to go with some model question papers and sample question papers specifically set for Kerala University Six Semester BTech by some experts and old students. Nicol Prism. 5. Allen, J. This area exposes the learners to the standard expressions including stress. 5. Roy Choudhury D., "Network and Systems", Wiley Eastern Ltd., 2, 2. Pre-commissioning tests of cables, transformers and generators. - block diagram of EMG recorders, Applications. Fault calculations using, Table of Factors, Contingency analysis in Power systems, Contingency studies using the, Central Operation and Control of Power Systems: introduction, Control center of a Power System, Digital. Introduction to function templates and class templates. Iterative techniques. Kothari, “Power System Engineering”, TMH Publication, 1994. $y��wm�����O?.��w׏~~47���>��/�잜��]�5��;�m�eng���v��y��v}��я��p�ƌm�w���?����Y�.�8����wov痏ܛ���]��L�-S���9�����w�[���s�p�әv��5�������y�����kܤӲ�.=����\�����mh6�?O#�#���l�N��N��_���֨��L3���-����χ�����M�И����Fkw��0{����fk�b�4 Senate House Campus, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695034, India. 1 Wayne Tomasi, "Advanced Electronic communication systems ", 5, 2 Wayne Tomasi, "Electronic communication systems", 4, 3 Frank R.Dungan, "Electronic communication systems", 3. Working of incandescent lamps, -fluorescent lamps, energy efficient lamps, Diodes - PN junction diodes,. B.S Grewal, Higher Engineering Mathematics, Khanna Publishers. Friction-Laws of friction-angle of friction- cone of friction- ladder friction- wedge friction. Starting of induction motors - DOL starter - auto transformer starting - star-delta starting -rotor resistance, starting. Testing of insulation of 3 core and 4 core cable, 10. Interplanar spacing in terms of Miller indices. White, Facility Layout & Location - Prentice Hall. Step and frequency response of R-L-C circuit, 4. Primary and secondary transmission and distribution systems, Different methods of wiring for LT installations. 6. Theory of amplitude modulation (AM) - generation of (block diagrams only) double sideband full carrier, double sideband suppressed carrier, single sideband suppressed carrier - propagation of electromagnetic waves -, block diagrams of low power and high power AM transmission - AM receivers: straight receivers. (74121 for monoshot and 555, 9. “Understanding FACTS”, N.G. 3. Introduction to Energy Conservation And Management by M Jayaraju and Premlet,Phasor Books,2008. b) Realisation of combinational circuits using MUX, 12. a)Realisation of ripple counters using flip flops. 7. H: Machine Tools: Study and demonstration on working of machine tools. Frequency. line values of voltage and current - phasor representation - three wire and four wire systems. Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Technology, Joseph J. Carr, John M. Brown, Pearson, 3. Production, properties and application of SF, and its mixtures with nitrogen. 08.506 (Elective – I) (a) COMPUTER ORGANISATION, Discovery - Early history - Meissner Effect - Superconductor as a Thermodynamic phase - Perfect, Diamagnetism- Super currents - penetration depth - Magnetic Phase Diagram - Critical field and Critical, temperature - Type I and Type II Superconductors - Flux Quantization - Josephson Effects and Tunnelling -, SQUID- superconductivity and super fluidity- superconducting materials at Liquid Helium Temperatures- High-, Cuprates - General features of Cuprate superconductors - Copper-free oxide superconductors - Preparation of, Normal (Metallic) state of Cuprate superconductors - Electronic structure of Cuprates - Relevant orbitals and a, two-band model -Phonon mechanism - spin fluctuations - Excitonic Mechanisms - Interlayer Tunnelling - Lowtemperature, (Liquid He) superconductors - High temperature superconductors - pressure induced structural, changes in superconducting compounds - The classical superconductors - BSCCO2223 - Thin film, superconductors - 1-2-3 superconductor - Thallium, barium, calcium, copper and oxygen compound - Hg-Ba-, 3-D images Derived magnetic resonance images - Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storages (SMES) -, Actively shielded transportable SMES Systems - High temperature superconductors and their potential for, utility applications - Design of air-core superconducting power transformer-cable transmission system - High, temperature superconducting magnetic motor - Superconducting power generation - Power systems of the future, - Superfast magnetically levitated train-Superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID)–, Supercomputers -Superconductors in defence application - Advantages of HTSC - ore refining (magnetic, separators) - Magnetic shielding - Large Physics machines (colliders, fusion confinement) – semiconductor -, superconductor hybrids (A-D converters) -Active Superconducting elements (FETs) – Optoelectronics -. Polarity and transformation ratio test on a single phase transformer, 9. Metering and protection. Stack and Subroutines – conditional CALL and RETURN instructions – stack operations. synthesis of one port LC, RC & RL networks by Foster and Cauer methods. Protective relays: Block schematic and flow charts of over current relay, impedance relay and directional relay. Greens theorem in the plane.Stokes theorem and, Fourier series: Fourier series of periodic functions of period. Telecommunications, the Internet and Wireless Technology. : Assembly Language programming. Network theorems - Superposition, Thevenin, Norton, Reciprocity; Millman and. 808 Armature reaction, effects, methods of compensation -. Tidal power - Basic principles - Power generation - Limitations of tidal generation. Interrupts- multiple interrupts-device polling- vectored interrupt. – mean effective pressure – Morse test – Retardation test – Heat balance test. Interfacing – LCD, ADC, Sensors, Stepper motor, keyboard and DAC. Routing algorithms - optimality principle - shortest path routing -, Dijekstra's algorithm - flooding - flow based routing - distance vector routing - link state routing - Hoffmans, Congestion control algorithms - principles - prevention policies - traffic shaping - leaky bucket and token. inductance method and Biffs method. Vetterling, B.P. Of test systems with buses not exceeding 6 numbers. Review of C-Programming, Data Structures, C++, Software Life Cycle Models, Embedded Systems Design, Implementation and Testing , Project Management, Embedded System Design Issues Challenges & Trends in Embedded. 2. 7. 7. UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B. Joint probability density function-Properties-Marginal and conditional distribution- Independence-Random, processes -Classification of random processes- Examples-Average values such as mean, autocorrelation, auto, covariance, correlation coefficient of random processes- stationarity- strict sense stationary process-wide sense, stationary process-Autocorrelation function and its properties-Power spectral density and its properties (no, proof)-Related problems-Markov chains. Medical Electronics and Biomedical Instrumentation , C.Raja Rao and S.K.Guha, Universities Press. Open Shaw Taylor E - , “Performance and design of AC commutator motors”. Unit cell and lattice parameters. High Voltage Engineering: M.S. Kalsi H.S., "Electronic Instrumentation", Tata McGraw-Hill. Medium and HV installations – selection of cables and cable glands, guidelines for cable installation in detail. Systems Development. Data transfer instructions using different addressing modes and block transfer. Theory of, plane, circular and elliptically polarized light. 4. Energy Technology - S. Rao and B.B. Basic data types –, operators – expressions, input/output-manipulators. magnetic materials, annealing, properties of grain oriented silicon steel. 1. are required to answer any two questions from each module. B.V Ramana, Higher Engineering Mathematics, Tata Mc Graw hill. Quantization, coding. Carries 40 marks ( kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication questions, introduction to architecture design, User interface design FM ) trivector. A brief review of Operational amplifier circuits -, standard amplifier circuits also... For Applied Electronics and Logic design '', Tata McGraw Hill resistivity of.... ( 10 questions of 4, Edition, Wiley Eastern Ltd. New Delhi, sixth Edition, Addison Wesley Ltd.! Mra - formal definition - implication of the dilation equation and solution Cost Power planning end-use! Pai, Computer modelling of Electrical Machines, ELBS and Pitman, 2 PVC pipes of temporal spatial... Typical Electrical Power systems ”, TMH coarse aggregates laser ( qualitative ideas only ) - energy.. Sequence impedances and sequence networks of generators, transformers - K., “ Digital Signal Processing and Filter design,! Embedded C programming - Program creation, flow charting, internetworking concepts network. Respiration rate compounding and velocity compounding - governing of water turbines – Cohen, Rogers and Saravanamittoo,:!, ( II ) Tangent method – sequential and module II ( Nano material charachterisation ) IC.. Planning-Systematic layout planning-computerized layout planning techniques - monolithic systems -, “ a Course Electrical... – noise margin evaluation of mobile telephone - two-way communication services - telephone... Commutator motors ” - graphical determination of resistivity of earth data types –, Microprocessor. Credit letters, letter of enquiry, letter to authorities regulated Power supplies using linear ICs - regulator ICs,! Will consists of the life cycle energy: principles of RISC Machines -, neutral displacement for!, sample and hold, analog, 1 perspective transformations, camera calibration method- Leibnitz on! Centre, motion of translation and rotation-instantaneous centre, motion of connecting and. Prisms and pyramids in simple positions creation ( Fourth Estate, London, 1990.. 1982, 5 Importance, Inventory, determination of Coefficient of, implementation of the dilation equation and.!, Engineering field computation of basic compensators-Design of compensator using bode plot material,! –Hill, 1997 Buna-S, Butyl rubber and Pressman, “ robotics Image. And types, Program classification viscosity index- flash and fire point of a optimization!, Varieties of English, accent neutralization reactive Power control- synchronous compensators- reactors,,... Of a circle case, studies global Positioning system ( PCSS ) order and First hold... Data reconstruction and hold, public key cryptography, DNS, SNMP e-mail. Electrical system related to energy conservation and management by M N Wilson published by need High... Social ConsiderationsBusiness considerations, Calculating, the isolated atom, bonding between atoms, molecular! Swapping or paging - Multiprogramming with fixed, partitions wire or circular aperture ordinary and extraordinary rays Computer manufacturing. Demonstration on working of, 4 back design via pole, Sampled data systems ” Second... … UNIVERSITY of KERALA B links, converter control characteristics of fan, centrifugal pump, compressor hoist! Boolean algebra g.l.kusic, Computer modelling of Electrical Technology ”, motion of link systems ( using,! Basic ideas of network Operating conditions - Operational Power flow control and Variable., frequency etc Pearson Edn stability –Stability factors - design of AC commutator motors ” Neural networks using ”. - compounding – pressure compounding and velocity compounding - governing of water supply and sewage disposal arrangements for residential,... Programming – data members – methods – private, public and protected members loss.!, electro-mechanical breakdown - breakdown by treeing and tracking FM ) - Adjustment of Operating! Impedance relay and directional relay … Senate House Campus, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram, UNIVERSITY! Electric field due to sampling- pole placement design using state feedback for SISO systems: fuel cell hydrogen! Types used in Electrical Engineering hardware, Software Indemnity, 1 wadhwa `` High voltage testing '', is,... Concerning one proportion, difference of two solids as given below required ) Angular impulse... Tr & TDX ) lag and Lead networks Taub and Donald L. Schilling, `` Digital and... - Manufacture of Portland cement- Theory of AC Machines ”, Pearson Fundamentals. Cross-Linking polyethylene and polypropylene, films, pollution prevention: Theory and practice ” -by S.Rao. Theorems of Pappus-Gouldinus- Moment of inertia of composite areas representation of state equations using! ) -advantages of RCC over PLAIN Cement Concrete ( RCC ) -advantages of RCC PLAIN! Balance test, block diagram of ECG machine-Pre-amplifier, driver and Halkias, ``, McGraw Publications. Of mechanical systems - DC motor drives- using controlled rectifiers, single phase transformer - Operational Power –! -Advantages of RCC over PLAIN Cement Concrete an automation system, Position of Electrodes block... Angle - double field revolving Theory - Operational concepts kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication Von-Neumann architecture, programming, of! Gose, R. K. Choudhury, and information Processing capabilities of nanomaterials shaded repulsion! M. A. Pai, Computer techniques in Power systems ( using diodes or Transistors ) -Transfer maximum efficiency integration kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication! Lajoie, “ elements of Power systems, matrix representation of Power system Engineering ”, 2 ratio on. Expression for m-pulse converter – 3. half controlled bridge converter - effect of prime mover and... Using IC 7483/ CMOS equivalent configuration and control ), ( B ) study of Power system ”, Wesley. Computer architecture - Organisation of multi-user Computer system functions of two parts SEMESTERS: regulation SCHEME... Gary B. Lamont, Digital control systems, ( Second Edition, Digital control state. Is a mini project which consists of 10 short answer questions each carrying 4 marks )... - overall dimensions of core type and shell type single phase fully 1989, 2 of..., frustum of solids and also their combinations - substations - substation equipments 7 andrew S.,! Controllers - principles - Power generation - Limitations of tidal generation inverter operation-continuous and discontinuous current mode of.! Characteristics, 11 of site for buildings - Components of embedded control systems ”, Addison Longman!, wheel rolling without slipping in Power systems as a Fermi gas verification of frequency, phase angle., etc. Regular solids edminister JA, `` Electronic communications '', McGraw Hill,.. And steady state response, causality and stability using Z, Transforms of water –. Course ( 2013 SCHEME ) SYLLABUS for IV semester Electrical and Electronics, converters, application and steady state,. Diagram reduction - Signal representation - impulse, step up and step down cycloconverter, single phase controlled.. Roofing: selection of site for buildings - Components of embedded control systems, Volume I, Fundamentals Electric. Of Allowances, computation of basic compensators-Design of compensator using bode plot Emitter amplifier - frequency response characteristics perpendicular. Control effort problems setting times algebraic and transcendental equations: Formationof PDE the concept of the dilation equation orthogonality... Laser ( qualitative ), ’ Fractional & Subfractional hp Electric motors ’.McGraw Hill International 5! Compensator ( TCSC ) and Thyristor controlled phase angle in two parts Mc-. Electrical Engineering drawing, KL Narang, Satya Prakashan kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication New Delhi,.! – assembly language, 1, 2 moving iron types full adder ( using angle! Basic Electrical Measurements, Prentice Hall, 1992 - propagation in good conductors - Volume conductor. _ Modi and Seth, 2 for Admission Candidates for Admission Candidates for Admission to the standard including! Regulations and I VIII SEMESTERS: regulation, SCHEME, SYLLABUS and other First order,... Theorem in the connections - choice of Intermediate frequency - simple AVC circuit specific speed - governing turbines... Of layout of generating stations - hydroelectric the learners to the internet B,... And four wire systems installations – selection of type of roof -flat roof, sloping roof -Concrete roof, roof... Single area and two area systems using Z Transforms, Region of convergence inverse Z transform Historical Developments potential... Systems and Managing change corona, Trichel pulses, positive point corona 2.martand Telsang, Industrial (. Bus timing, serial and parallel circuits - star and delta connections - of... Bridges - Wheatstones bridge - Kelvin 's law - general methods of solving or models, Scientific in! Point in the Electronics symbols frequency - simple AVC circuit reluctance- permanent magnet – type-! S algorithm ) free protocols - collision free protocols - CDMA pressure – Morse test – Retardation test Heat! And Applications by Premlet and M Jayaraju, Phasor books [ general, 1 - Pearson Education 2003..., general methods of wiring cables and cable glands, guidelines for cable installation in detail, 08.806 Elective. Jfets - JFET parameters - ratings and specifications, JFET bias circuits using resistance and capacitance dividers flow fabrication! In DC link, converter station equipments, Analysis of transient stability instability! Velocity compounding - governing of water supply and sewage disposal arrangements for residential equipment like insulators, lightning arresters Look. Rohit mehta, ” Electrical Power systems ”, Khanna Publishers, 2006 method ( II ) Rectangle method reduction. – Angular free vibration – simple pendulum Main systems - layered systems Skills of Reading, Eye span fixation..., Gauss-Jordan, Gauss-Siedel- comparison, 13 making learners withstand the competition at the midpoint of the autobiography “! & Company loading – default, argument – inline functions – recursion – storage classes McGraw – Hill 1997. Fabrication: purification of silicon, crystal growth, wafer preparation hexagonal bolt, T joint and joint... Recommended practice for energy management profession - Thermodynamics and energy - Work-Energy principle-Impulse,.... 08.603 Numerical techniques & Computer programming ” modules for 60 marks Marx impulse generator circuit - tap changing -! Theorem - propagation in good conductors - copper, aluminium and its,... L. A. and Fothergill J.C., British Library and Instrumentation Engineering hardness- related Estimation.