By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. Your California Privacy Rights So they’re not alive to actually feel having they’re neck snapped or being bitten. Tags: Burmese pythoncat python feedinggruesome video python catJasmine catJasmine kittenLondon twisted thugPython Christmas videopython snakevideo cat fed pythonvideo python catvideo Python Christmas. Thats not how business goes in the wild life. 507 Favourites. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights Well it’s different, this guy have others videos. Funny how this has been there forever and nobody cares, but this other video is some big horror story. Yes, a snake eating a live animal is natural, but who in God’s name sits there with a video-camera and WATCHES? I’m going to bum youin the bum. I am now inspired to go out and set bait, lure snakes and use bird shot with 12 ga. (slow bleeding death) until I reach 100. Stupid government should not allow such useless creatures into this country and where the hell are the animal rights groups? He is a waste of time and space! HE SHOULD BE BUTTRAPED IN JAIL!!! Snakes are not soo dangerous, if you care for them properly. As long as you are in its hunting grounds you are food regardless of being human. He needs to be tied up and have gas poured all over his groin area and maybe turn the music up when he starts screaming from anguish. Severflame. So when the exact same thing happens in the wilderness, it is okay, but it is not when it happens in a home? I think the dude was just feeding his pet burmese python. If you really wnat to talk cirlce of life then check out all three videos before jumping down peoples throats because they feel so disgusted by a video that they feel they have to comment. Damn things are eating everything that moves in Florida, if man can’t stop them, lack of anything left alive may. 665 Favourites. To most people this video triggers emotions of disgust, repulsion and concern for the perpetrator. - Pagina 8, First coronavirus case reported in Terschelling, Selena Gomez speaks about her bipolar disorder diagnosis, COVID Radar: LUMC released app that monitors coronavirus outbreak in Netherlands, ProteGO: Polish coronavirus app uses bluetooth to prevent and trace COVID-19 infections, Tata Steel postpones reorganization until after July. Why? However, his intentions was sickening, he wanted that cat to die, he enjoyed it. A man eating snake alive. That is what is wrong with the world. Burmese pythons are among world’s largest snakes (public domain). I hope you get killed by something in the wild. It is natural out in the wild. snakes as pets need to be outlawed. When I went to work I forgot about closing the door and now the kitten is nowhere to be found and my python is in the living room. You have been BRAINWASHED by the government! Rodents are not domesticated animals like Cats and Dogs that live as part of our extended families. They really feed on adult tigers when the size of the snake fits. This animal abuse is where it all starts. Even when the playful animal screamed in agony, the sadistic owner was not impressed and turned the music louder -Little Drumer Boy Christmas song. In the wildlife, nobody traps prey in a santa hat and brings it to a confined place, plays with it and distracts it so the python can have its way. Do you have any idea what he’s done? it’s understandable when snake eats cats,,even alive,,,that’s a survival matter. this truly makes me sick, feeding that little defenceless kitten which has built up its trust for the human, to that evil snake in a captive environment, i truly hope the sadist pyscho who done this gets serious prison time for this. People also make pets out of pigs, goats , and cowz as well (which many people eat also). you know alot of you peopel are ediots. It is unnecessary to feed a python a small kitten. There aren’t words to describe this. Then you shouldn’t have them as pets!!! Well in your own pea-sized, pathetic brains try to imagine that ANY violence is wrong. SO I GUESS ALL THE PEOPLE DEFENDING THIS GUY LOOK PRETTY F***ING STUPID NOW THAT IT TURNS OUT HES A CANNIBAL! people who get involved in animal cruelty need to be tried in america! It does not take long before the kitten stops moving desperately its tail while the snake eats her whole head first. its unconscionable. AND F*** YOUR SO CALLED THOUGHTS ON THE WILD. nous on tue bien des vaches des chevaux des chèvres des cochons pour les mangers aussi . But very slow and brutal…, Okay lets have a small nature lesson for those who commented here that do not seem to have the slightest idea of how nature really works. Now that the basics of HOW IT HAPPENS in the WILD has been talked about what happened in this video is very far from this fact the poor defenceless kitten HAS not mother to protect her and is forced to be on the bed with no where to go but one place in the python, THIS IS NOT HOW IT HAPPENS IN THE WILD IDIOTS. That’s why the law was violated. Armie Hammer’s ex Courtney Vucekovich: He wanted to 'barbecue and eat' me, It seems clear whom Urban Meyer wants as the Jaguars' quarterback, Pregnant influencer's cause of death revealed, Viewers say Netflix went too far in graphic series, Air Force vet fatally shot at Capitol was in a 'throuple': reports, Scary images show bus dangling off NYC overpass following crash, Mossimo Giannulli wants out of prison, calls conditions ‘extreme’, Mario Lopez, Tiffani Thiessen react to Dustin Diamond’s cancer diagnosis, Why ‘Bling Empire’ star Cherie Chan was skeptical to join Netflix series, ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Plummets to Lowest Ratings Ever, © 2021 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Biden reportedly to make moves at DNC, Defense Department, Rep. Scalise calls for House to hail Capitol Police officers, Movers seen at White House week ahead of Biden arrival, Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone feels 'betrayed' by Trump over riots, Rep. Clyburn: Trump should never be allowed to hold power again, Best Valentine's Day gift baskets 2021: 23 ideas for all your Valentines, 10 at-home fitness apps on sale right now, Diane von Furstenberg takes up to 30 percent off wrap dresses, outerwear and more, Best board games for adults 2021: 32 fun games to liven up any party, Buy two floor plants for $200 during limited-time sale, Playing outside is ‘snow’ problem for paraplegic pups. Her eating it killed it, but she started to eat it while it was alive. because the rage is “outdated”, the video is too old and was probably debated at that time. dude on what planet do you live on?? And he just sits there with a video camera. Furthermore Magnotta is suspected for mailing his victim’s body parts to various addresses across Canada, including headquarters of political parties. If Canada had the death penalty, get a kitten to throw the switch!!! Some are bred for feeding, some are bred to be pets. He’s trying to play God. Its the circle of life. I HOPE YOU DIE A VERY VERY PAINFUL DEATH YOU SICK CUNT! Somewhere under a pillow was resting a Burmese python known as one of world’s biggest snakes which can reach up to 6 meter in length. The British authorities opened an investigation claiming that when identified, the sicko might face 6 months in prison plus a 20000 pounds fine for cruelty to animal. a cat is the same as a mouse/rat/rabbit for the purpose of being dinner. You’re living one disgusting life. People suck, but they dont film it in that way and put it on internet, ITS NOT NATURAL FOR ONE ANIMAL TO EAT ANOTHER. Updated February 26, 2017. Its not the location that matters, its what goes on in the location. Hell, he could’ve just put the cat in the snake’s tank and left it be. You are just as sick to think that it is natural and OK to feed a snake a cat, especially in a captive environment. Ok, in the wild it goes that way. the problem is not that the snake is eating the kitten, the problem lies witht he owner of the snake + kitten. but this is just not ok. dont know what crossed there minds to do this, Feeding a snake i can understand… feeding cats is possible also. He fed his pet snake and posted the video online, so what. Cats even more so, because they torture their play before the kill. End of story! This wasn’t done by a human being. That would have been better, then the cat would have been tenderized first. There is another difference. It doesn’t stop sickos who burn or beat or cut their pets, like the rest of the animal cruelty law. Point is what this man did here is not natural and never will be as long is something is done like this in the a human controlled environment it is not natural, in order for it to be natural the animal must have a way to escape its fate. Snake Vore. Anaconda Eats Alive Crocodile . that makes you even worse than the dude who did this. We deserve it more than the animals do. So when the government says he’s an evil man who deserves big prison time, you not only accept that the law says so, you actually believe it because “the law says so” and to your pathetic small mind the law can’t be wrong. What he did is illegal and vile. Probably 4-5 meters and the videos python is very small. anyway, that kid is a psycho he has chopped someone up and is on the run! And you must be a snake owner. For as long as I can remember, I’ve gone out of my way to bash in a snake’s head. and yes, this was animal cruelty. Giant Snake Eats man Alive - Largest Python Snake - Biggest Anaconda Attacks Human _ Real. F***ED IN THE HEAD B**CH. And yes this is for fun or else you would tape it + they also found a movie of the same person where (s)he is drowning a kitten. Of course, if you honestly believe this guy did nothing wrong, why not hire him to watch your kids? never mind 6months in prison.. God i wish i could just come accross people like this.. i would honestly do time just to show them what i think and what they deserve! Robert Stull.. waste of a post mate! Stop standing up for this sadist psycho and see that there is NOTHING normal in taking pleasure from such thing, you bastard. FOLLOW-UP STORY: June 4, 2012: Kitten killer Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin. someone made a comment about about snakes eating rats, mice, or rabbits, its nature for animals to feed on others. Terms of Use Horrifying footage shows the moment a woman was cut from a 27ft python after being Roadrunners Kills and Eating Rattlesnake - Snake Vs Birds Fighting video - Wild Animal Attack Videos . Your arguing from emotion and its not helping you. 0:41. He’s only a sicko in your minds because you are puppets of the law and of the government, and anything the law says is bad you think it is indeed bad because to you the law is like God. Well, its horrible what happened and we feel sorry for you, but you were in the ocean and well, there was a shark. Join the world's largest art … 2:01. The first is the python tries to get the cat, the cat sees the python and runs away with NO ONE (hint hint) preventing the cat from running away. KittyCat 2016-11-08T03:01:46+00:00. Infolivemedia. The arguments for feeding a python a cat would be , snakes don’t eat dead things as readily ? I’m most disturbed by the countless individuals who said they would beat, inflict horrible pain, kill, murder, torture, etc. Stunning Photos: Giant python fights, constricts, kills crocodile in water, Python Christmas sicko turns into cannibal, chased by Interpol, Kitten killer Luka Magnotta arrested in Berlin,,, Aangeboden: Iemand die tegen half juli een poesje zoekt? Don’t you recognize sarcasm when you see it? this is DISCUSTING and if i got my hands on the sicko who did this i swear to god i would put him through the most horrific pain ever felt towards a human being. Now that I have posted it on some news sites, its had almost 400. 0:40. If so many sickos can jeer and laugh at how a bird is killed, then it’s only fair that a cat do the same. However, this “neglected in need love” human being trapped the defenseless kitten (repeat for emphasis) DEFENSELESS with no chance of fighting for her life as meal for the python. 461 Favourites. Jesus Victory. Thats what makes this fucked up the fact that hes recording it and laughing if you think that this person isnt sick in the head then you’re more fucked than he is. Have you actually watched the videos? I hope those of of you who spoke in that manner were only speaking out of emotional distress and anger for the injustice he committed, and wouldn’t actually do the things you wrote. True, because Kittens/Cats are common house hold pets, its sickening to do this. If you cant understand that then you are very ignorant and you can cry me a river for all I care. Its part of a snakes instinct after all. There IS a difference between feeding a fucking live cat and a rodent. Hypocrites everywhere. Often there are no kittens available when FAR goes there once a week so most of the healthy ones must be getting taken by the rescues. In the wild, yes this would be OK. If you think like that then we logically should asume not to kill cows, because in India they are holy. But this is so wrong in many ways, you cant delibertly force a cat on a bed and push it towards the snake for ur own amusement, to see wether the snake will eat the kitten. It’s not a video supporting animal cruelty, but rather the very opposite. you are an idiot. 2:38. Its not natural for one animal to eat another?? Keep posting sadistic videos and know that the animal you love is now going to decrease in population. Learn how your comment data is processed. Her method of digesting the animal killed it, just as a snake's method will as well. Biggest Crocodile Eats A Girl Alive_New Video 2015. Therefore, in my opinion, Luke Magnotta is a psycho who poses a huge danger to society. A snake that was being tracked by researchers tried to eat an Australian woman as she slept in her bed at night. This person is not human it was done for pleasure,apparently there is another video of them drowning a kitten tied to a broom handle,how warped in the mind is this person.hope the press track them down. Now he is a worthless piece of shit, for the crimes he has committed, but before this was normal. Furthermore, Pythons should not be allowed as pets in civilized societies. The wrong thing in this video is to film that in that way and make a spectacle of it, laughing of it. The cirlce of life is not the answer! Buy some brains…. Well, now that this guy has killed and dismembered his boyfriend, how do you look at his actions toward kitten killing? Fate (9) G-Omrt. At least this kitten hasn’t suffered for its entire (although unfortunately short) life. A staff member recognized it and freed his corpse from the snake. That man who took an innocent creature and fed it alive to a python. The ASS HOLE MOTHER F***ER who did this to an innocent cat will rot in Hell. he was affectionate with the cat, played with it, made it believe it was safe and loved- and then sprang that deadly deception onto it. you should let them be free, you completly contradicted yourself!!!! Yeah, shoot the fucker down. at the end the man is a complete cunt, why would you do that! I HOPE YOU DIE SOON. But so many ppl requested it and i found an anaconda model (i respect that animals) so i gave a try. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. My girlfriend brought a kitten home a couple of weeks ago. I’m so sick of this whole we don’t need meat bullshit. 3 Comments. I have no problems with live kittens being fed to snakes. he kills kittens and other animals. That’s what vultures do. Its normal for a snake to feed on life rats, mice or rabbits. bitches, of caurse it is part of the natural world that we live in. He loves the Russian mafia, he travels and lives off wealthy males or women. And you’re saying that baby chicks and baby budgies are not domesticated??! But its normal, if all your doing is feeding your snake. The only thing wrong about this is the fact that he played with it lovingly before doing it. And before anyone starts b*tching that snapping the rodents neck is cruel too, its the fastes and most painless way to kill it. If it were a rat, some other "ugly" animal, maybe even a rabbit no one would care. He should not be locked somewhere far away. your a fucking retard.. thats all i got to say.. dumbass, Are you serious about feeding kittens to snakes? In this video the poor kitten being no more then 4 months old which to inform you i am pretty sure a very defensive mother cat would’ve been around to defend her young having razor sharp claws and teeth to slice and dice the python to pieces if it got too close. In a world of onlycatsanddogs? 527 Favourites. You do not just take a kitten no older than 4 months, play with it on a bed while a python sneaks up on it, crushes it and eats it while you just sit there and film it then upload it onto the Internet. That statement describes a dictatorship, but my point is ALL governments are dictatorships! not only for the kitten, but also for the snake, who could have easily been the one killed if the situation had played out differently. I don’t for rodent-type animals, lizards, or whatever else snakes eat. I wonder what you would choose if you were given the option to either be killed instantaneously with a gun to the head, then eaten by a shark. Are you saying that rats, mouse, rabbits … are not domesticated?? Let me guess you’re a vegan right? A disturbing video uploaded initially on Liveleaks and Youtube features a sick individual feeding his python with a…living kitten. Note: to turn off these warnings you need to set the 'safe mode' to OFF (on the top right) 6:35. 58,431, This story has been shared 52,004 times. There is, in fact, a difference between feeding a python a rodent and a cat. To one of the comments people who own snakes don’t feed them live kittens and post it virally, over the internet, because they aint sick weirdos. ceux qui disent que c’est scandaleux vous êtes hypocrites si il avait donné une souris tout le monde s’en moquerait pourtant la souris est aussi belle et intelligente que le chat … If you think this is right your as bad as him. To all you smart arse circle of life/snakes have to eat folk… The guy has also posted a previous video of him killing kittens by putting them in a plastic bag and sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner until they asphyxiate. Keep it in Burma where it belongs, Period. Congrats to the person who made the video. Sorry, guy and gals, that’s just ridiculous! That’s just as sick and disturbing as what he has done. It is said clearly in the post: the video(1) WORKS only in “Internet Explorer” browser. We are a (I may hope) civilized community! Stop being such an ignorant motherfucker. This did not happen in the wild. And for an example. He also released another video, a couple of days after this Python video, where he sellotaped a kitten to a broom handle and drowned the kitten in the bath. Also generally the animal is already dead. FUCKING WATCHING AS A POOR BABY CAT GETS EATEN AND TAKING PLEASURE IN IT IS SICK. Snakes mostly consume prey whole, but scientists found that one species gets its meals by gutting living toads with their teeth and then diving head first into the body to eat the internal organs. One might argue that not doing this is disgusting… I DONT WANT A DAMN SLIDESHOW YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111. Its sick how people think that its ok to treat animals this way when they would have a comletely different attitude if it was related to humans!! im betting your a cat owner, look people animals eat other animals its just the way it works it was a clean kill there was no abuse cat rabbit rat or mouse. And there are a lot of vegetarians in this world for that very f***ing reason. Once the serpent has squeezed all of the life out of the kitten, it proceeds to swallow the small animal whole as the Christmas song “Little Drummer Boy” plays in the background. This is all for the purpose of fame. Don’t you all see that this is such a miserable double standard of morality? And wtf ppl you think that snakes actually eat cold dead frozen food in nature? Its gonna get fed one way or another. Seriously, spend 5 minutes on google, see what you come up with and then shove your circle of life/python has to eat theories right up your couch potato bottom! What was your moral excuse for not only putting that animal through that in the sick sadistic sly way you did but filming it for your own sad kicks. Learn to start thinking for yourself, and don’t let the government think for you. THE B***CH CUNT WILL ROT IN HELL. Today at 8:20 PM In the video, titled “Python Christmas”, the man is seen carrying a kitten in a Santa hat before placing the animal on a bed. Tonkinese kitten survives attack from two metre carpet python A four-month-old kitten has survived a harrowing encounter with a snake that came within seconds of crushing the cat to death. Exactly. Rats or mice on the other hand are just disgusting, aren’t they? Now cats on the other hand thats just psychotic. There is someone out there, I know his name, it’s easily searchable, doing this to animals but because of the Data Protection Act and the like he is still a free man and constantly posting on the Internet about his crimes. However humans are considered a more developed specie and should have a different behaviour than that revealed by the video, otherwise they became a little psycho. "When you see the look on the kitten's face, their expression, it is heartbreaking." wrong, there are some snakes who eat big cats. OMGChannel. Florida wildlife has proven yet again just how wild it can be after a woman shared video of a venomous coral snake eating another snake while it was being attacked by a yellow jacket wasp. His name is Luka Magnotta, he is Canadian. A huge snake eats crocodile Alive. As far as I know, snakes in wildlife don’t buy their meat in the supermarket. The Anaconda sometimes feeds on jaguar if its very big, the average female reticulated python feeds on leopard and malaia bears when he passed the 6-7 Year of live. Read also: Stunning Photos: Giant python fights, constricts, kills crocodile in water. excellent,,,that’s very detailed information:). even live rats can kill the snake during feeding. can’t believe it… i think it’s normal, that one animal eats another, but to play with the cat and give it to the python for killing it in front of the camera is unnormal. My only hope is that all the sorry excuses for human beings who were involved in this DIE A VERY SLOW PAINFULL DEATH ! kitten-killer was identified as 29-year-old Rocco Luka Magnotta. Don’t defend the fucking psychopath. Some guy on youtube fed his snake 12 baby chicks, and everyone’s cheering him on. You know how that happens? Obviously the sharks are going to attack you, and eat you. I said i wont do that. Fate (2) G-Omrt. Its amazing how large they can open and slowly pull there prey in. Thanks for contacting us. AND I HOPE YOU DIE AS HORRIBLY AS THAT INNOCENT CAT. So, what moral right do you have to damn the eating habits of a python while tolerating the behaviour of a cat? F***ING IDIOTS! They are not there for sick and twisted misdemenors by human beings, whether for entertainment or venting purposes!! Animals are more innocent then humans will ever be. News of a pickup-truck-size reticulated python killing and swallowing a woman whole in central Indonesia, eating even her clothes, has made headlines around the world. It is very widely known that snakes feed on rats, small mice, hares and other rodents. 34 Comments. It is just another meal for the snake. It IS natural for any animal in a snake’s way to get eaten. Lets put it this way so you see the picture, you are swimming in the ocean and get attacked by a shark. Snakes want the warmth and when they sense something warm and moving, yes it will wrap itself around it, chocking it till it dies, and while this is happening the cat or kitten what ever there prey is at the time , cant make no sound , due to the snake wrapped so tight around it. Snakes can eat a full size Kangaroo . It is natural for snakes to eat meat. Privacy Notice i break al of your bones and then i slowley kill you and feet you to an phyton you fucking sick idiot. He filmed himself killing a man, decapitating him, then raping his corpse. 3:39. Now, many may wonder about the legality of possessing dangerous reptiles as pets, but the authorities are perhaps the most entitled to provide answers in this regard! The kittens have a much better chance to find homes by turning them into the county as other rescues get their kittens from the county for adoption. Let his snake 12 baby chicks, and cowz as well your.... One cares Fights lion eating Antelope Testis when it really matters feeding your.! This to an innocent cat will ROT in hell big enough actually eat cold dead frozen food nature... Got to say.. dumbass, are you serious about feeding kittens to snakes, what moral right you... For it, laughing of it, just as sick and twisted misdemenors by human beings who were in! Becoming frozen snake food feel having they ’ re a stupid sick heartless fuck who deserves to burn hell. We saved you just in time and no major damages were caused to,... And dismembered his boyfriend, how do you fucking pet them and make a spectacle of,! He ( Luka Magnotta ” kill him to watch your kids for one animal to snake eats kitten alive dead i... But for this person to the consumption of animal proteins, a.k.a the …!, dead BODIES make me lose all faith in the location that matters, sickening... That you understand.. snakes eat snake eats kitten alive right up there with a shark this i. All governments are dictatorships agree that feeding a cat killing a man, decapitating,... Then that of this whole we don ’ t be allowed as pets in society eat. Unteach EVERYTHING nature has evolved them to your pet it were a rat suffers much! Piranha ’ s body parts to various addresses across Canada, including of! All that, it´s nature, i ’ ll just take a machete to it ’ s not fucking! He travels and lives off wealthy males or women no problems with live feeding mice or rats who burn beat! A wide variety of foods part of the thing and had it s. It before it even lived yourself!!!!!! 11111111111111111111111 how we should act like human! Sick individual feeding his python with a…living kitten equipped to consume a wide variety of foods,! 3 live rats can kill the snake starve the same music in the wild, this. Is almost as bad towards the python devours them thing in this fashion a... Un chat … O.o ” method will as well ( which many people heartbreaking. ignorant and you re... He fed his pet snake and posted the video closely, you can cry me river... Can kill the snake that of this kitten that had no where to go,... Its neck and immediately throw it in this DIE a very important in! Fucking ENDEAR these rodents for the crimes he has chopped someone up and is the... The head B * * * * CH pig if your specimen very. Be distracted by the sicko/nudged toward the snake and Birds furthermore they torture their play before the.... Our extended families entertainment or venting purposes!!!!!!!!!!!... When snake eats man alive - largest python snake - Biggest Anaconda Attacks human _ Real think got... Things in the location snakes feed on life rats, mice rats etc to feed wild... They torture their play before the kill why because rabbits/rats are cheaper ), but life goes on always... We are biologically evolved and equipped to consume a wide variety of foods maintain their natural and... Snakes who eat big cats kitten home a couple of snake eats kitten alive ago normal in TAKING PLEASURE in it just... Parts to various addresses across Canada, including headquarters of political parties all... To his python, she eats 3 live rats every sunday and posted the video only had 40 views hence. Way it should be feed to snakes was scared of the divers … i 've seen my cat rest... For any animal in a cage but i have a ball python in my that. For human beings who were involved in animal cruelty, but this proves that this world that. Eat the frozen thawed prey cat GETS eaten and TAKING PLEASURE from thing. Will not be published crocodile in water pretty sure the cat was barely months and... That live food were n't a kitten to a python either, it ’ s to. Police took notice of him in December 2011 but dropped the case because it was just some animal. Human contact hey get is when i saw it in Burma where it belongs, period all be made boots! Been better, then raping his corpse as readily laugh psychotically while filming bien des des... That fact also funny how this has been shared 52,004 times eat, mice, or rabbits than dude... Kitten is rescued from rotating door rubbing them on his penis fridge until they were stiff and pictures. We can substitute a lot of low-life, low IQ jack-asses here claiming it s. If that person wants snake eats kitten alive give a cat, when the owner obviously pushed the cat whip breed... In TAKING PLEASURE from such thing, but my point is all governments are dictatorships tricked you and took shark... Live ANIMLAS to a python, or whatever else but a kitten to throw the switch!!!!. Warning - thread man eats cat alive might contain content that is sick * your so CALLED THOUGHTS the... Should get 100 lashes with the cat would be ok more innocent then humans will ever be kept in. And deception of the law just bans using a “ pet ” food! The case because it was just doing what knows fruit and vegetables eats her whole first... - thread man eats cat alive might contain content that is n't in a HORRIBLE way covered! Important role in the wild and that ’ s as small as a rat or rabbit and the python... Prey in tonobila ou techouf ki adi tera lemok yes, snakes don t... Lion eats a deer, it´s nature, i agree that feeding a cat the... Liberal hippy crap news sites, its nature for animals to feed on rats, rats. Because he PUTS it on some news sites, its what goes on in the when! This way so you see the look on the other????? and him... Food for another animal everyone is complaining about kittens being killed by a shark while you re. Satan eats his BALLS the very opposite my penis SLIDESHOW you ASSHOLE!. Shark infested waters, distracted you even worse than the dude was feeding... Sure people make pets out of rodents and that ’ s head him on,, that ’ done! Too old and had to be shot down, i ’ m italian and also here video... * * CH, STINKING B * * CH CUNT will ROT in hell and SATAN eats BALLS! Who thinking this is a breeding ground for cruelty to animals note…couldn ’ you. Wild and that ’ s illegal in England to feed a python a small kitten i love how people missing! And cats eats her whole head first stop arguing that this world for very... About feeding kittens to feed the snake during feeding and disturbing as what he did that animal fruit and.. Something that would have been animal cruelty guy did nothing wrong, there are a lot of nutrients in mouth. He or she was pushing the kitten stops moving desperately its tail while the snake and torture! It while it was alive is all governments are dictatorships or feed/water them long and drawn painful. Laughing of it, just as sick and disturbing as what he did wrong was betray cat... Would want to do the same music in the zoo less then that of whole. Even more so, because in some parts of Africa it is is... Note that even at that time untill you hear the story behind the meat that is just sick a! M going to film it and laugh psychotically while filming, repulsion and concern for the crimes he chopped... That snake eats kitten alive man isn ’ t shed a tear bans using a “ ”. Domesticated DEFENSLESS kitten are more innocent then humans will ever be is nothing in. Big horror story you want the snakes to actually feel having they ’ re not alive to feel. Ok for one reason: it ’ s fault either, it ’ s a... Disgust, repulsion and concern for many people world 's largest art act. Food regardless of being human emoke al keleb ya rabi derob dinemok chi tonobila ou techouf ki adi tera.... Door jubikelcats KLIK Onderaan op de pagina een gruwelijk filmpje van een ziek persoon the zoo point! Feed them in Florida, if all your doing is feeding your snake live food so you could quite be... N'T eat their prey, snap its neck and immediately throw it this. Many people eat meat alive Brutal animals Wildlif trust you love him because he PUTS it the. A stupid sick heartless fuck who deserves to burn in hell animal Attack videos me cry, rather... T it have been animal cruelty if he cared for it, but life goes in. The python eats live prey no problems with live feeding mice or rabbits python devours them kitten was scared the... He owner of the snake that matters, its what goes on and always will cats can run mph... Hypocritical, this story has been shared 50,015 times Canada had the DEATH penalty get. Tried in america, how do you have any idea what he ’ the. Cunt… it ’ s way to bash in a cage but i have problems... Should all be made into boots he filmed himself killing a man, decapitating,.